Originally from Chicago, I relocated to San Francisco in the fall of 2005. I always drew as a kid. When learning to draw in the formative years, I admired slick, glossy illustrations, comic art, skateboarding graphics that left not a hint of process. I also appreciated band flyers, posters and music zines made in a loose, fast “cut and paste” style. When painting and drawing, I try to emulate both ways working, even though the two styles might seem at odds. More often than not, my subject is people/portraits.

Being a 'maker of things' is also part of my studio: looking for materials in salvage yards & shops to reclaim. These odds & ends become creatures, robots, other sculptural objects, lamps, etc.

The steps should be visible.
A slick looking finish does not interest me as much as it once did.
I often make from or on discarded, salvaged, junk items- I like to re-use.
An imperfect / weathered / marred surface is a great thing.
Most likely, I will paint it up, scratch it away, and then paint over it again.
I like to fight with the surface and then make nice.
I prefer muted colors.
I’ve had a long running interest in process and construction [no matter what medium I happen to be working with].

-Can I buy your art? How?
Yes, click the Shop link at left to go to my Etsy store and see what's currently available there. Some of the work on this site is also noted as available- email me for info on those pieces if they are not listed in the Etsy shop.